Installed Base

Maintenance and engineering services for existing nuclear fleets and fleets under construction

The Installed Base Business Unit offers products, services and solutions to enhance the availability and competitiveness of nuclear facilities worldwide, while strengthening safety conditions.

With the benefit of unrivaled feedback from experience, acquired on over 250 reactors worldwide, Installed Base's highly qualified and multicultural teams are committed to meeting the specific needs of their customers, whether or not Framatome is the original designer of the reactor. The Installed Base Business Unit performs maintenance on all reactor types:

  • Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
  • Russian type of Pressurized Water Reactor (VVER)
  • Boiling Water Reactor (BWR)
  • CANada Deuterium Uranium (Candu)


Offering solutions for maintenance and unit outages, non-destructive examination, specialized maintenance, safety and design studies, services engineering...

Modernization of the existing nuclear fleet with heavy and mobile components replacement, solutions and products to enhance safety

Installation of equipment for new build reactors such as electrical systems, containment solutions, diagnosis and monitoring

  • Solutions to deliver the highest level of nuclear safety

    AREVA NP provides a comprehensive range of products, services and solutions enabling utilities to meet safety requirements and achieve three main imperatives:

    • Resistance to major hazards
    • Robustness of cooling capability
    • Prevention of environmental damage


    Monitors the level of hydrogen, steam and carbon monoxide in the containment in case of severe accident

    • Fully qualified combustible gases monitoring in case of core melt accidents
    • Superheating of micro sample enables required accuracy for steam and H2 measurements
    • Efficiency of combustible gas control systems information for SAM/emergency planning provided


    Filtering system for removing the radioactive material in case of severe accident

    • Prevention from excessive containment pressure and contribute to maintain containment integrity
    • Excellent purification levels of gas discharges
    • Easy to install (compact design)
    • High loading capacity
    • No electric power required


    Containment atmosphere for sampling radioactivity analyses

    • High quality sampling, without significant losses and deposition effects
    • Accurate information regarding the radioactivity level in the containment
    • Easy handling of the samples thanks to high dilution factor
    • Capability to derive the damage state of the reactor
  • Optimized management of nuclear fleet asset modernization

    Cavitation Peening

    Ultra high pressure water jet to improve material properties and enhance resistance to corrosion

    • Protection of the RPV head, primary circuit and bottom mounted nozzle against surface-induced primary water stress corrosion cracking for the remaining life of the plant
    • Low impact on outage duration compared to penetration repair
    • No risk of damaging the metal surface

    Deposit Minimization Treatment

    Advanced cleaning process to remove accumulated deposits from steam generators

    • Combined with an efficient liquid waste treatment which reduces drastically the amount of waste
    • Soft process

    Control Rod Drive Mechanisms Coils

    Key components to ensure the magnetic conduction of the control rod drive mechanisms

    • Guarantees the regulation of the chain reaction within a reactor
    • No loss of inductance recorded by the customer

    Engineering & Large Components Replacement

    Support to Long Term Operation processes from scoping and screening to implementation

    • Optimization of license renewal
    • Aging management reviews
    • Unrivalled experience in providing and replacing large components

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