May 09, 2018

Enfission announces board of directors and management team

Enfission LLC, a joint venture of Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR), a nuclear fuel technology company, and Framatome, a leader in nuclear fuel, components and reactor services, today announced its board of directors and management team. The companies officially formed Enfission in January to develop, license and sell nuclear fuel assemblies for both existing and new reactors. The assemblies are based on Lightbridge-patented technology with Framatome nuclear fuel design expertise and other intellectual property.

“Our strong management team, drawn from Framatome and Lightbridge, brings its decades of world-class nuclear industry experience to our Enfission partnership, aimed at offering ground-breaking fuel technology to nuclear plant operators worldwide. These outstanding women and men are already hard at work developing advanced fuel technology, designed to make both existing and new nuclear power plants more efficient and cost competitive,” said Seth Grae, chairman and CEO of Enfission, and CEO of Lightbridge.

“As with any innovation, the development, manufacturing and commercialization of this advanced metallic fuel technology relies heavily on the strength and expertise of our team at all levels. The breadth, depth and diversity of nuclear energy experience among Enfission's leadership will undoubtedly transition this joint venture into the next phase of its strategic journey – moving from concept to reality,” said Robert Freeman, vice president of Contracts & Services for the Fuel Business Unit at Framatome Inc., and member of the Enfission board.

Enfission Board Members

  • Seth Grae (Chairman)**
  • Robert Freeman*
  • Andrey Mushakov**
  • Pierre Beaudoin*
  • James Malone**
  • Jean-Francois Marrot*

Enfission Management

  • Seth Grae, Chief Executive Officer & President**
  • Rodney Bradley, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer*
  • Larry Goldman, Controller**
  • Andrey Mushakov, Vice President, Strategy**
  • Peter Newby, Vice President, Commercial Development*
  • Lawrence Mercier, Vice President, Project Integration & Board Secretary*
  • Jeff Whitt, Vice President, Government Affairs*
  • James Malone, Vice President, Fuel Development**

*Framatome employee
**Lightbridge employee