Our ethics commitments

Framatome wishes to be an exemplary company in terms of Ethics and Compliance.

This document describes the ethical rules to which Framatome submits in all circumstances, whether as a result of external obligations (laws and regulations) or by its own decision. They apply to the company’s employees and with any necessary modifications to its suppliers and partners.

Furthermore, Framatome defined within the framework of their respective business project, the values that shall be respected by every employee. Among these values, integrity governs Framatome's practices and decisions in all circumstances.

The company conducts its activities in strict compliance with Human Rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved by the United Nations. It scrupulously observes the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates, its own internal rules and the rights of its employees.

Accountability, fairness and openness to dialogue characterize Framatome's conduct. The Company endeavours to provide accurate and relevant information enabling objective assessment of its performance in terms of environmental, economic, social and societal responsibility.