Our code of ethics

AREVA NP, a subsidiary of AREVA, wishes to be an exemplary company in terms of Ethics and Compliance.

This code describes the ethical rules to which the AREVA NP submits in all circumstances, whether as a result of external obligations (laws and regulations) or by its own decision. They apply to the company's employees and with any necessary modifications to its suppliers and partners.

AREVA NP conducts its activities in strict compliance with Human Rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved by the United Nations. It scrupulously observes the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates, its own internal rules and the rights of its employees.

Integrity, honesty, accountability, fairness and openness to dialogue characterize AREVA and AREVA NP’s conduct. AREVA NP endeavours to provide accurate and relevant information enabling objective assessment of its performance in terms of environmental, economic, social and societal responsibility.

Compliance policy

The AREVA Compliance policy specifies the organization of compliance in the Group and the implementation of the Group's Code of Ethics at all levels, in all its activities and in all countries. It applies to all employees worldwide.

AREVA NP's success depends on the values it subscribes to and the image it conveys. AREVA NP's Code of Ethics is one of the key elements of its Group Compliance Policy. It lays down the fundamental principles that all its staff, suppliers and subcontractors must adhere to at all times.

Day after day, wherever our activities take us, each employee reflects the way AREVA intends to conducts its activities, and contributes to building its reputation and image.

According to the Code of Ethics, an immediate alert is a reflex and a duty: there are no hierarchical barriers to the free circulation of information required to ensure the smooth running of AREVA NP, nor any requisite rank for anyone alerting their superiors forthwith if any blatant incident or breach of a statutory or regulatory obligation or violation of compliance policies is observed.

If an employee has any ethical concerns and does not know who to contact, he or she can always contact the compliance officer for his or her region or unit, or where appropriate refer to the AREVA or AREVA NP Compliance Officers. AREVA and AREVA NP guarantee anonymity and immunity for whistleblowers of good faith.