Olkiluoto 3

Located in Finland, Olkiluoto 3 is the world's first Generation III+ EPR.

The contract was signed in 2003 between AREVA NP and Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), a private electricity generation company owned by Finnish industrial and power companies. This project is one of the largest industrial projects ever carried out in Northern Europe: more than 4,000 people from 55 different countries have been working at the site.

Fast facts

  • Location: Olkiluoto, Finland
  • Customer: Teollisuuden Voima Oy (TVO)
  • Scope: 1 turnkey EPR™ unit
  • Net electrical output: 1,600 MWe
  • Thermal output: 4,300 MWth
  • Annual electrical generation: 13 TWh


The manufacturers of the main components include:

• AREVA Châlon/Saint-Marcel (France) for the steam generators and pressurizer

• Japan Steel Works (Japan) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) for the reactor pressure vessel

• AREVA Creusot Forge (France) for the reactor coolant lines

• AREVA JSPM (France) for the reactor coolant pumps and control rod drive mechanisms

• AREVA (France) and Siemens for the electromechanical systems and instrumentation and control

• Bouygues for the civil works



  • Fuel: uranium oxide (UO2)
  • Average fuel enrichment level: 3-5% U-235
  • Annual fuel consumption: 32 metric tons
  • Overall efficiency: 37%
  • Reactor building height: 63 meters
  • Main steam temperature: 290°C
  • Turbine speed: 1,500 revolutions per minute


July 2005Construction launched - 1st concrete poured
June 2010Main civil works completed
Reactor pressure vessel installed
February 20114 steam generators installed
June 2011External dome completed
September 2011Installation of primary circuit completed
March 2012Upper internals introduced in Reactor Pressure Vessel
Sumer 2012Pools leak-tightness tests &  filling up of cooling water pumping station completed
April 2013Control rod drive mechanisms installation completed 
September 2013Hydrostatic pressure tests on steam generators completed
April 2014Launch of I&C tests
Mid 2016End of the construction and start of the commisioning
February 2017Instrumentation and control training of the technicians on a full scope simulator