Being one of the largest engineering centers worldwide, the German platform is an important country for Framatome. Framatome in Germany specializes in maintenance services, modernizing and enhancing the safety of nuclear power plants all over the world. The country has also developed a unique expertise in instrumentation and control (I&C) and fuel assemblies.

Framatome in Germany offers its clients a comprehensive range of products and services.

Key figures for 2016

  • 3,400 employees
  • 3 sites: Erlangen, Karlstein and Lingen

Maintenance and modernization: one of Framatome's largest engineering sites

Located in Erlangen, Framatome in Germany’s head office includes one of the company’s largest engineering sites. It mainly carries out maintenance, lifetime extension and modernization activities for nuclear power plants worldwide. It also works on EPR reactor construction projects in France, Finland, China and Great Britain.

The world’s largest testing center

Framatome Gmbh operates the largest test facility in the world for operational and safety control systems in nuclear power plants. The primary coolant loop test facility (PKL) in Erlangen, which is unique worldwide, enables tests to be conducted on the thermo-hydraulic behavior of pressurized water reactor (PWR) plants under accident conditions. In addition, Framatome in Germany is operating unique large-scale test facilities for component qualification and for the further development and safety research in boiling water reactor (BWR) technology at its Karlstein site.

“Framatome offers a full portfolio of products and methods to modernize and improve the safety of nuclear power plants.”

Instrumentation and control: a cutting-edge technology

Framatome teams in Germany design and supply I&C systems for reactors, in particular the next-generation digital safety I&C platform TELEPERM XS. This sophisticated platform, used in both construction and modernization projects, enhances the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants.

40 years of expertise in fuel assemblies

In Germany, Framatome's subsidiary Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (ANF) has produced fuel assemblies for PWR and BWR plants for the German and Western Europe markets for the past 40 years. Some 430 employees work at the two sites in Lingen (ANF’s head office) and Karlstein. ANF also provides training for nuclear experts and professionals.

“Fuel assembly technologies developed by the subsidiary ANF combine productivity, quality and safety.”

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