The Erlangen site of Framatome in Germany is made up of a wide range of engineering experts. Therefore, it is an important platform for Framatome. Thanks to our expertise in maintenance and modernization of nuclear power plants, we play a significant role in providing safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants in Germany and worldwide. Our competencies also include electrical and safety instrumentation and control technology, as well as development and manufacturing of fuel assemblies. Furthermore, we operate unique testing facilities and laboratories.

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Framatome in Germany provides its customers with numerous products and customized solutions. We are concentrating on sophisticated maintenance and modernization concepts, innovative techniques and tools, as well as optimized processes. But it’s not only the nuclear industry that profits from our experience.  

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Key figures

  • 3,400 employees
  • 3 locations: Erlangen, Karlstein and Lingen

German nuclear technology is used in many projects both in Germany and abroad.

With our export strategy, Framatome in Germany provides an important contribution to the preservation of nuclear know-how in Germany: Because, even after the nuclear energy phaseout, nuclear expertise will still be needed, for example, in order to cope with dismantling and final disposal using domestic resources.

Apart from nuclear technology, we are also driving the development of hydrogen- and battery-based energy storage systems. Moreover, we offer solutions for other sectors in the fields of IT security, materials technology, component testing and qualification, testing systems and services, and monitoring and diagnostics.

The headquarters of Framatome in Germany are located in Erlangen. The following five business units operate from Germany:

  • Installed Base in Erlangen and Karlstein delivers maintenance and engineering services for nuclear power plants in operation and for new builds.
  • Fuel develops, licenses and fabricates fuel assemblies and nuclear components for pressurized water reactors (PWR), boiling water reactors (BWR), and research reactors and develops zirconium products. Design takes place in Erlangen, fabrication at the manufacturing sites in Lingen and Karlstein. Furthermore, the Fuel Business Unit provide initial and further training of radiation protection experts and other nuclear engineering personnel.
  • Instrumentation and Control in Erlangen and Karlstein develops and manufactures automation solutions for nuclear power plants worldwide.
  • The Engineering and Design Authority located in Erlangen and Karlstein delivers all services linked to design and licensing of nuclear steam supply systems.
  • Large Projects in Erlangen performs the management and implementation of new-build projects (EPR reactors in France, Finland, China and the UK).

Furthermore, Framatome has several centers of excellence in Germany, for example:

  • Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (ANF) fabricates fuel assemblies for PWR and BWR facilities for the German and West European markets.
  • The Technical Center in Erlangen and Karlstein operates its own research and testing facilities of which many are unique worldwide.
  • The Training Center in Karlstein provides training in different aspects of building and operating nuclear power plants not only for our own employees, but also for customers' staff.
  • The modern test facility for the digital instrumentation and control systems in nuclear power plants in Erlangen is the world's largest test facility of this type.

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Address and contact details

Framatome GmbH (Headquarters)
Paul-Gossen-Straße 100
91052 Erlangen
Phone: +49 9131 900 0