Develop, design, license and fabricate fuel assemblies and associated services

The Fuel Business Unit provides high-performance, ever-safer fuel to utilities throughout the world and for research reactors. It offers an extended range of on-site services, in engineering and fabrication with a worldwide integrated footprint platform to supply its customers with common technologies.

The Fuel Business Unit develops, designs, licenses and fabricates fuel assemblies and core components for Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR), Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), and research reactors. The Fuel Business Unit has delivered 224,000 assemblies worldwide.

Of the 263 light water reactors (excluding VVER) in operation worldwide, 107 use Framatome technology fuels.


Development and design of fuel assemblies: design expertise and calculation codes for neutronics, thermal hydraulics, thermo-mechanics and mechanics databases.

Production of zirconium and its alloys: chemistry and metallurgy technologies, technology transfer, licensing.

Fabrication and commercialization of fuel assemblies: chemistry, powder metallurgy, various assembly techniques (advanced welding, mechanical, machining, NDE, physical and chemical analysis).

Service offerings associated with fuel: engineering, fabrication, on-site interventions.

Fabrication and supply of fuel for research reactors.

Innovative new generation of fuel assembly design to enable utilities to meet their operational goals with maximum safety

  • ATRIUM 11 : new design for BWRs

    ATRIUM™ 11: new design for BWRs

    • A leading product that reduces fuel cycle costs for our customers and is adapted to all operating conditions
    • Improved performance, robustness and reliability
  • GAIA : new design for PWRs

    GAIA: new design for PWRs

    • Improved reliability and robustness including for high burnups
    • Improved thermo-hydraulic performance
    • Increased flexibility in a wide variety of operating conditions
    • Leading product regarding safety margins
  • ARCADIA® et GALILEO® : advanced codes & methods

    ARCADIA® and GALILEO®: advanced codes & methods

    • Enhanced modeling capacities (realistic coupled 3D)
    • Robustness and precision to meet current and future regulatory requirements
    • Optimization of reactor operations / flexibility and gain of margins
    • Worldwide comprehensive verification and validation database
  • PWR fuel assemblies

    PWR fuel assemblies

    • AFA 3G™: reliability proven by extensive experience on 17x17 PWR assemblies including unrivaled experience with high-length fuel assemblies (14 feet)
    • HTP™: a robust proven technology licensed around the world

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