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High speed train traffic demands high requirements on the wheel material. Thus the requirements for surveillance and testing intervals concerning mileage are high. Only by innovative inspection systems optimum results, high reliability and short testing periods are achieved.

The fully automated Underfloor Testing System UFPE is a stationary ultrasonic (UT) inspection system that operates fast and dependable. Patented ultrasonic techniques provide a high reproducibility of measurement data and detect even the smallest defects – for various wheel geometries.

Your Benefits

  • Short testing periods (15 minutes per wheel set)
  • Highly developed phased array technology for optimal defect detection
  • Quick and easy evaluation of test results by advanced and customized software
  • Reduction of the human factor by means of integrated evaluation routines
  • High-quality components ensure high availability

Interested in Underfloor Inspection System for Wheel Sets – UFPE?