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Renewable energies are dependent on storage technologies when it comes to security of supply, because sun and wind are sources for electricity generation that underlie natural fluctuation. Therefore, the success of the energy transition is reliant on functioning energy storage systems.

Based on innovative hydrogen technologies, we develop and construct customized solutions. The LOHC technology (LOHC: Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier) has been practiced and know-how has been gathered within demonstration projects. We offer support for realizing your individual hydrogen solutions by:

  • Professional advice and project planning
    - Preparation of optimal technical and economical solutions
    - Project development, also involved by appropriation and selection of appropriate partners
    - Planning of the entire site including system engineering, electrical engineering, control and supervisory systems
  • Execution – we realize your project and together with you
    - Project performance within all steps
    - Project management
    - Engineering, procurement, commissioning for the entire site
    - Support for any approval
  • Service – we remain your contact person also after start-up
    - Customized service packages exactly tailored to your needs
    - Complete service by 24/7 on call.

Your Benefits

  • Safe storage of hydrogen: due to chemically bonded hydrogen in LOHC no gaseuous phase of hydrogen
  • LOHC can be transported with existing infrastructure (tanks, trucks, ships etc.)
  • LOHC can be stored under normal conditions (ambient temperature and pressure)
  • No loss of hydrogen e.g. due to permeation in gas tanks
  • Long-term (seasonal) energy storage capability on a small foot print

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