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Over time, demands of the authority or economic considerations lead to discussions about enhancements or modifications of the plant. This is especially the case in the context of license renewal, lifetime extension and long-term operation (LTO).  These considerations are very complex because they are based upon a large number of variables. The decision whether to pursue lifetime extension or not has far reaching economic consequences for the plant.

Preparatory Study for Long-Term Operation Assesses the Feasibility of Extending Plant Operating Life
IAEA’s LTO feasibility requirements are the basis of our Preparatory Lifetime Study. This simplified, rapid approach helps identify plant-wide preventive measures to enhance the current technical condition of the plant and recommend time frames for implementation. The assessment can also include a preliminary evaluation of key cost elements to support investment decisions. Our Preparatory LTO Study provides the utility with the road map to lifetime extension, license renewal or LTO.

Your Benefits

  • Delivers a reliable roadmap for lifetime extension
  • Includes both technical and financial evaluation
  • Forms a common basis for decisions

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