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Aging phenomena in the pressurizer have to be analysed within the scope of long-term operation (LTO) and license renewal. Important aspects such as fatigue of the spray and surge nozzles as well as the heater sleeves need to be addressed in order to prepare LTO justification files. Some pressurizer designs also encompass specific dissimilar metal welds (DMW) in alloy 182 or 82 which is known to be sensitive to pressurized water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC).

Our Assessment of Pressurizer Condition and Inspection and Maintenance Strategy applies approved and validated analytical and numerical tools and testing methods to generate state-of-the-art integrity assessments. Based on this assessment, a review of existing inspection and maintenance programs can be conducted by us and optimized strategies developed for LTO. We also propose dedicated solutions for issues related to Alloy 182 / 82.

Your Benefits

  • Extensive knowledge and broad experience related to aging phenomena modeling and analysis based on leading-edge fracture mechanical and thermo-hydraulic calculations of complex structures using analytical and numerical methods
  • Integrated approach combines expertise in inspection, justification files setup and component repair and replacement

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Part of the Forward Alliance Catalog. Category: Aging management by component – Pressurizer.

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