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Reactor coolant pumps (RCPs) ensure the circulation of the coolant fluid of the primary circuit. Originally designed for 40 years, the internals have to operate permanently in a demanding environment (pressure and temperature) to ensure a flow rate of up to 28,000 m3/h. Thus, intents to pursue long-term operation (LTO) require a closer assessment of aging mechanisms such as thermal fatigue, fretting, cavitation to make appropriate decisions regarding the heavy maintenance strategy for the LTO of RCP internals.

Some 250 Framatrome-designed and manufactured RCPs are currently in operation worldwide. We have more than 40 years of valuable maintenance experience with over 400 RCPs. Thus, after having carried out a dedicated life cycle management study, we can offer revamping solutions that will support reliable operation of the RCP internals during the remaining plant life. This can be achieved at competitive cost thanks to the optimized combination of plant-specific repair operations and replacement of parts. Customers can also take advantage of the required revamp modifications to improve the robustness of the design and efficiency of the pump.

Your Benefits

  • Integrated solutions combining decontamination, repair, and upgrades to reinforce equipment reliability for LTO
  • Use of experience feedback from RCPs of similar design
  • Dedicated life cycle management study to take into account utility-specific parameters and formulate recommendations
  • Availability of appropriate engineering skills, expertise capabilities and Hot Shop Facilities
  • Full Flow Test Center to validate calculation hypothesis of upgrades and bring justifications to safety authorities

Interested in Revamping of Reactor Coolant Pump Internals?

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