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Control, Monitor and Survey your Emergency Diesel Generators (EDG)

Current emergency diesel generator (EDG) surveys detected critical deteriorations of the EDG conditions. In this context, an efficient fault protection and alarm annunciation like the operational control for EDGs is of utmost importance.   

The Emergency Diesel Generator Operational Control (ADCON-O) ensures the EDG´s mechanical and electrical support systems that allow fast synchronization, loading, plus speed and voltage adjustment.This modern EDG surveillance system includes monitoring, trending and condition evaluation. The local and remote control options ensure continuous online and offline data logging and data evaluation. ADCON-O operates under EDG safety control ADCON-S. Standby applications are possible. Easy handling supports the operator during routine test runs.

Your Benefits

  • State-of-the-art mature control, monitor and surveillance system
  • Continuous automatic diagnostics, trending and conditions evaluation
  • High experience with the unique EDG conditions in various reactor types
  • Additional control features for existing EDGs

Interested in Operational Control for EDGs – ADCON-O?

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