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Plant-wide and systematic aging management and degradation assessment is essential for the safe operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs). This complex task and the continuous data maintenance required can be handled reliably with a qualified and time-saving software tool.

COMSY is an efficient software solution by which power plant operators can implement the individual process of managing aging effectively.
The program with its integrated degradation assessment modules enables the design and setup of a knowledge-based power-plant model compatible with the requirements of international and national regulations (e.g. IAEA, NUREG, KTA). In this process, a key task is to identify and monitor degradation effects.

All aging-relevant component data are compiled and allocated with an integrated power-plant model. Owing to existing interfaces to other software solutions and flexible import functions, COMSY is highly compatible with existing data bases in the plant.

Your Benefits
Cost-effective support for aging management and long-term operation projects due to:

  • Efficient design and set-up of a comprehensive aging and reliability plant-wide knowledge base
  • Use of intelligent import and interface solutions
  • Systematic scope setting (scoping) process and predictive degradation assessment functionality for the aging management review
  • Support for the development of aging management programs, optimized maintenance concepts, and prioritized inspection programs
  • Know-how preservation by means of the integrated document management system.


COMSY is applied in over 50 NPPs worldwide, of which 30 are non-OEM plants (OEM: original equipment manufacturer).

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