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During severe accident situations in nuclear power plants (NPPs) significant amounts of radioactive isotopes might be released from the containment, either through containment leakages or by intentional containment venting. Most of them, like iodine or cesium, can be filtered by proven technology. Only radioactive noble gases, mainly Xenon and Krypton (especially Xe-133 and Kr-85) are difficult to retain because of their low chemical activity. For the staff working inside main control rooms, emergency control rooms or emergency response centers in the plant, fresh air supply without radioactive noble gases is required. Common heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems would flush Xenon and Krypton into these locations and expose the staff to the radiation of these isotopes.

The Control Room Accident Filtration (CRAFT) system is a dedicated filtration system to protect the environment of control rooms and emergency response centers from airborne radioactivity releases during accidents.
CRAFT features both filtration capabilities for airborne substances and noble gas retention (based on dynamic adsorption of noble gases). Its innovative design, with the use of special activated carbon beds, ensures the availability of safe and breathable air for control room staff and emergency personnel. The filtration system automatically regenerates its carbon beds when saturated and enables the system to be used for the entire duration of the emergency.

Your Benefits

  • Operable without time limitations during the complete accident progression
  • Suitable for severe accident scenarios with multiple venting actuations or beyond design basis
  • Operator can focus on accident management, knowing that they breathe fresh and harmless air
  • Low levels of installation and maintenance required
  • Easy to retrofit to existing HVAC systems
  • Flexible design – mobile and permanently installed units are available
  • Cost-effective, as size of the system can be fitted to individual needs
  • Possibility of customized adoptions to fulfill all country- and site-specific requirements by customer and authority



  • Industrial scale demonstration unit is available at Framatome site Karlstein
  • Japan: basic engineering for four NPPs (BWR and PWR)

BWR: boiling water reactor
PWR: pressurized water reactor

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