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The demand for products in the nuclear energy sector has dropped as the number of new-build projects has decreased. Moreover, requirements are very specific and lead to high qualification effort. Hence, the interest of suppliers to maintain their certifications and qualifications according to the demanded nuclear standards reduces. The cost of re-qualification is often very high in relation to the price of the product.

The Cross Qualification offers an optimum solution in transferring existing standards of a pre-qualified product to other requested standards taking into consideration product functionality, quality and qualification aspects. In case of compliance, the pre-existing product will be delivered without necessarily going through the complex qualification process. Any gaps after analysis are documented, closed and the product is supplied.

We carry out cross qualification between major standards, as e.g. NQA1 (10CFR50 App. B), KTA, ASME, RCC-E/M, IEC.

Your benefits

  • Reduces cost of qualification (supplier and equipment)
  • Shortens lead time of alternative spare parts supply of obsolete parts
  • Avoids major component replacement
  • Avoids spare part obsolescence for safety classified systems
  • All in one hand: Framatome leads and guides all actions of delivering a certified product
  • Reliable and experienced partner in cross qualification


We have already successfully completed cross qualification projects worldwide for different types of reactors, e.g. pressurized water
reactors (PWRs), Water-Water Energetic Reactors (VVERs). Such projects involve components, parts or systems like:

  • The RodPilot System for rod control in PWRs
  • Reactor pressure vessel (RPV) level measurement cold junction box
  • Rotor rewinding (2.8 MVA/6.6 KV) and refurbishment
  • Bearing shells (DN 140, 200, 250)
  • Heating resistors.

Interested in Cross Qualification Between Licencing Codes and Standards?

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