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Plant availability enjoys top priority in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, high safety requirements must be met. During the plant lifetime and with increasing age, the demands on the maintenance concept are changing. In order to adjust the concept to the current state of the plant, a reliable inventory is necessary to derive and adopt appropriate measures.

We support you for example with on-site material testing and evaluation providing information on the current status of your plant and prognoses on the expected lifetime of important plant equipment. The tools to detect and track even the smallest leakages enables safe plant operation. The highly effective chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, for which we offer a nearly residue-free cleaning procedure, restores the original efficiency level of the heat exchanger. This has a positive effect on economic viability.

Our range of services include:

  • Materials engineering and evaluation (accredited laboratory according to EN ISO 17025)
  • Detailed failure analyses
  • Analyses regarding expected lifetime
  • Manipulator-assisted non-destructive testing in harsh conditions
  • Leakage detection and localization
  • Chemical heat exchanger cleaning.

And many more topics.

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