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Foreign parts or corrosive deposits in the range of the secondary tube sheet will cause leakages at the heating pipes. This reduces the operational safety as heat exchange tubes are the interface between the primary and secondary circuit. The outside of the tubes is subjected to steam generator (SG) damage mechanisms. Regular visual inspections are required. Due to the cramped space at the tubes as well as ALARA considerations, visual inspection of SGs is challenging and requires remotely controlled operations.

The Steam Generator Visual Inspection Services covers all internal areas of the secondary SG side from the top to the bottom. Common inspection areas include the tube bundle, the annulus areas at the tube support plate and at the upper areas of tube bundle head and dome area of the SG. Special SG inspection tools can be driven in horizontal and straight vertical passes and deflected in very narrow and tight down to 2.5 mm wide tube gap spaces are accessible.

Your benefits

  • Regular application prevents accumulation of corrosive sludge build-up
  • Restoring heat exchanger efficiency and optimizing SG operation and lifetime
  • Worldwide application with different SG models
  • Comprehensive service including engineering consultation
  • Qualified remote-controlled cleaning process with optimized SG stay time
  • Cleaning tool design configurations for the application in tight and narrow locations
  • Remote operation, minimizing personnel exposure and ensuring ALARA principles
  • Process and tool safety features to ensure integrity of SG internals


Worldwide visual inspections of SGs for 35 years

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