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The constant stable function of all mechanical and electrical components according to their design and specification is an important basis for safe and reliable plant operation. Degradation effects related to component lifetime, application of inadequate maintenance strategies and a lack of qualified service personnel may negatively affect proper function. Resulting failures might lead to unplanned shut-downs, non-availability of plant systems, additional maintenance efforts or even cost-intensive repairs.

Our Component Services cover various aspects of maintenance, engineering as well as monitoring and tests, in order to offer its customers tailored, value-added services, which utilize its experience in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and non-OEM plants. Based on the application of effective maintenance concepts (e.g. the RCM approach) and supported by precise diagnostics, cost efficient maintenance strategies are implemented and high-level maintenance services can be provided through qualified and experienced personnel. Dedicated engineering solutions and repair technologies are available to solve specific issues related to component function and design. Our Component Services minimizes costly downtime and increases the profitable uptime of the nuclear power plant (NPP).

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