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SIEKA Valve Actuator

In many countries, regulators have started to tighten the requirements regarding resilience against seismic loads. Possible issues include confined installation spaces and changing requirements regarding actuating forces for valves. Typical valve actuators are bulky, because of the high actuating forces they need to provide. These large designs result in high seismic loads which can permanently damage the valves.

The SIEKA Valve Actuator features a very compact and rigid design in combination with high actuating forces.
The valve actuator is designed for small shut-off valves with self-locking threaded stems as used in nuclear power plants, fossil-fired power plants and chemical plants.

The actuator’s compact design is owed to a gearing mechanism which allows the gear transmission ratio to change:

  • For traversing to a limit position, the actuator provides a defined, low torque.
  • For traversing out of a limit position, the actuator provides a breakaway torque which is three times higher.

Your Benefits

  • Retrofitting on existing valve bodies possible (not the entire valve needs to be replaced)
  • Space saving due to the compact actuator design
  • Easily installed without the need for separate actuator support standardized adaption (ISO 5210)
  • Long lifetime due to a rigid and robust design


  • China, 4 plants
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany, 14 plants
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • South Korea, 4 plants
  • United Arab Emirates, 4 plants

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