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A nuclear power plant (NPP) needs to be shut down regularly for a tune-up to take care of little issues, which could otherwise turn into big problems. These could result in unexpected outage delays and cost overruns.

Our Outage Management Service deals with the refueling of used fuel and several maintenance actions in a short time. The high number of tasks will be performed within a tight schedule and on the basis of defined resources. We help in defining the best strategy to fulfill the plant operator's needs in avoiding unnecessary costs and problems for a successful outage project.

Your benefits

  • Individual planning of outages adapting to the operators maintenance strategy
  • Evaluated and optimized maintenance strategy
  • Outages and challenging maintenance projects from one provider with qualified stuff
  • Accurate scheduling and time estimation which maximize productive hours and minimize the overall outage duration


We have the experience in handling of the most important reactor floor tasks and shows the most competitive results in the invest-reliability benchmarks. We monitor, evaluate and overhaul many NPP primary circuits worldwide using the latest technologies and knowledge on all levels of operation. With the experience collected during decades of maintenance projects, we are your leading partner for complex projects and skilled personnel tasks.

Interested in Outage Management Service for safe and efficient outages?

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