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Rough environments with limited accessibility for operators or service personnel require remote-controlled inspection solutions. The applicability of manipulators or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) is subject to various pre-conditions.

Dedicated equipment is needed considering specific parameters like:

  • Access to the geometry of the inspection area (e.g. pipe, tank, structures of special design)
  • Wall material and wall conditions (ferrite, non-ferrite, liners, coatings)
  • Medium (air, water, oil, explosives).

We have developed different types of ROVs, crawlers and submarine systems.
They are applicable onshore and under water:

  • Modular Crawler System KRA390 for various purposes
  • ISOMER – Inspection System Offshore Magnetic Examination ROV
  • In-pipe manipulators
  • SUSI – Submarine System for Inspections.

Tailored solutions can be provided for special inspection purposes.

Your Benefits

  • Rapid and highly reliable inspection performance
  • Universally applicable multi-purpose equipment famaily with different camera systems, non-destructive examination (NDE) solutions and specific probes
  • Experienced and certified operators


Application of ROVs in about 40 nuclear power plants worldwide. Execution of standard recurrent visual inspections and NDEs as well as tailored solutions for cleaning, removal of foreign objects and repair.

ROV applications in industry:

  • Urban heat distribution network inspection and leakage localization
  • Visual testing on offshore wind turbine piles in the North Sea
  • Visual inspections during refinery shutdown
  • Harbor sheet pile wall cleaning

Interested in Visual Inspections in Rough Environments with ROVs?