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Over the course of its life, a power plant’s operation and maintenance considers both awareness of plant conditions and relevant forecast and planning of maintenance activities. The ever-changing conditions of operation and equipment are caused by:

  • Aging and degradation of components and equipment
  • Changing requirements of law and regulations
  • Changing human behaviour and errors
  • Aging and generation change of staff, consequent loss of experience and knowledge
  • Change of environmental conditions
  • Need to adapt to current plant conditions and proactive improvement.


We have gathered worldwide experience in engineering, maintenance services, and upgrading a wide range of different nuclear power units, including third party designs. Our Outage Management supports you in implementing new and improved service concepts, which can have a major effect on the way in which maintenance will be performed in the future. We offer technical and behaviour-oriented training for maintenance staff and maintenance managers, which is tailor-made for your organization and specific needs.

Your benefits

Our unique experience allows for the assessment of interconnected mechanisms of aging and degradation, the validation of findings and the discovery of technically safe, reliable and cost efficient solutions. Scientific research and analyses, and their deep insight into degradation and aging processes enable precise prognoses and forecasts about possible failure patterns. Based on that knowledge, we are able to define and prepare the necessary maintenance activities and thus offer tailor-made, individual support for each customer’s needs.

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