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Electrical motors and mechanical systems are subject to deterioration and damage that can suspend operations, leading to expensive repair and downtime.

Electrical Motors: their Reliability Plays a Major Role in Terms of Safety and Availability of a Nuclear Power Plant
We offer the service of implementing a diagnostic strategy and system to conveniently measure and analyze electric motor current and voltage. This aids in obtaining information on critical processes and equipment, to assist clients in detecting potential motor problems early, enabling timely repairs, trending for recording degradation and avoiding serious damage. The key to the success of this service is the utilization of Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) technology.

Your Benefits

  • Optimization of the predictive maintenance process of electrical machines
  • Condition evaluation of the system "electrical motor"
  • Identification of mechanical and electrical problems within one measurement
  • Flexible and mobile measurement system with little expenditure of time
  • Minimization of the eff ort: coordination, optimal resource management, time and costs

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