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Aging effects like corrosion and erosion or other threats like vibrations affecting chemical tanks and pipes will eventually lead to leaks. Although construction and operational improvements have brought a constant downward trend in pipeline failures in recent years, the average spill size – if one occurs – is still the same as 40 years ago. Most leaks typically start with pinhole corrosion and grow slowly over time until they causing a severe accident with high impact. Commonly used leakage detection systems based on surveillance of the pipeline’s flow parameters can detect leaks only at high spill rates (that is in the final stage of the leak after a large total spill).

LEOS® detects and localizes very small leaks at an early stage in large industrial installations, resulting in minimal follow-up costs in case of a leak. leakages.
Therefore, LEOS contributes to avoiding severe accidents, especially in highly sensitive ecological systems.

The large number of projects already completed shows that LEOS:

  • Is a state-of-the-art solution on the highest technical level and able to detect leakages with the lowest spill rates independent of the operating condition of the pipeline,
  • Allows safe and cost-efficient pipeline routing even through ecologically sensitive or densely populated areas,
  • Contributes to public acceptance, especially in terms of controversial projects,
  • Covers a wide range of applications and detectable substances.

The performance of the system has been verified by numerous in-situ leak simulation tests:

  • Detects typically 1 L/h (liquids) or 100 L/h (gases) after 2 to 24 hours
  • Localization better than 0.5% of the tube length
  • Requires only vapor phase, no liquid contact
  • Works also in water-saturated soil.

LEOS is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Agencies in Alaska, Germany and other states. So far, all leaks have been detected, even leaks on nearby pipelines have been found.

Your Benefits


  • Saves operating expenses and protects assets
  • Reduces capital expenditures by optimizing pipeline routing even through fragile terrain
  • Increases reliability and availability by advanced high-sensitivity leakage detection
  • Minimizes harmful effects on the environment by leak spills
  • Increases project acceptance, especially in highly-sensitive ecological systems (even under arctic conditions).

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