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The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) with its internals is the heart of each nuclear power plant (NPP). Any inspection, intervention, repair or replacement must be executed with the highest level of accuracy and competence to guarantee a safe and reliable operation during its entire lifetime.

Easy-to-Customize Multipurpose Repair Tool for RPV and RPV Internals Requiring Minimum Time for Installation and Removal
Our Mast System is a high-precision multi-purpose positioning system for all kinds of tools and devices. It was designed for use with the existing auxiliary bridge or refueling machine. Upon request, we can provide a separate working platform. The Mast System can be adapted to any model of pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactors (BWRs). The standard configuration comprises milling, drilling, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and bolt handling tools. On top of that, we offer to develop customized one-stop solutions according to your individual requirements within a short time.

Your Benefits

  • Lifetime extension of RPV and RPV internals
  • Modular tool design, adjustable length, high precision
  • Assembly (disassembly) within one shift
  • Highly flexible installation (uses existing bridge)
  • Minimal occupancy time of reactor pool


The Mast System has been successfully deployed in numerous NPPs and is continuously being improved since 1984 to meet the latest technical requirements.

Interested in Reactor Pressure Vessel and RPV Internals Repair?

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