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Severe problems stemming from obsolescence of power and control components or other possible malfunctions in the field of rod drive controls can result in a rod drop and the unintended shutdown of a nuclear power plant (NPP).

The Digital Control Rod Drive Control System (RodPilot) guarantees the absolute reliability required for the flawless operation of the control rods. The three operating coils such as lift, moveable gripper and stationary gripper are controlled by RodPilot. It can be applied in all existing pressurized water reactors (PWRs) that operate on a 3-coil magnetic jack principle.

This innovative and cost-effective system with its modern hardware even tolerates single failures. It can also identify slow changes in the rod condition. Thus RodPilot can lead to a fast indication for starting preventive maintenance on rods.

Your Benefits

  • Application in new plants and upgrades in existing PWRs
  • Easy maintenance due to "plug and play" philosophy
  • Single rod control, i.e. precise current calibration and monitoring
  • Self-monitoring of currents and time sequences plus automatic fault alarm
  • Standardized components and interfaces
  • Parts availability for many decades due to use of commercial off-the-shelf components 

Installed worldwide and planned in some NPPs being under construction.

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