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In the case of a station blackout (SBO) the plant operation will require alternative power supply in order to power vital function. 

Increase Your Station Blackout Coping Capabilities With Diversified Energy Solution
We supply containerized autonomous fuel cell back-up power systems (e.g. H2 / O2 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, PEMFC). The hydrogen and oxygen tanks are commonly used at the power plant for various applications. Additional dedicated trailers can be installed to increase the energy autonomy. An electrolyzer can be proposed as an option to refill the tanks.

Your Benefits

  • A diversified back-up power solution based on fuel cell technology
  • Very high start-up reliability
  • Independence towards ambient conditions (polluted environment, water-proof)
  • Very low self discharge and long lifetime thanks to the inerted mode
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • A modular solution in terms of installed power and energy autonomy

Interested in Alternative Power Supply with PEM Fuel Cell?

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Part of the Safety Alliance Catalog. Category: Robustness of cooling capability – Safety upgrades.

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