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Normal operation of a nuclear power plant (NPP) generates cyclic changes in fluid temperatures and pressures which result in mechanical stresses or vibrations and thus cause material fatigue. Reactor trips and load following intensify the cyclic changes. The design lifetime of power plant components and equipment is limited by a conservatively defined number of such cycles. New design code requirements such as the consideration of environmentally assisted fatigue, the operator’s own safety management processes, and regulatory requirements specify increasingly demanding targets for fatigue safety margins. When a component is nearing the end of its design life it needs to be replaced.

The precision local load monitoring system FAMOSi provides the basis for extending the operational lifetime of components and equipment.
  FAMOSi uses special thermal load measurement sensors (measurement sections) and existing process instrumentation to detect and monitor the thermal loads occurring in piping systems and nozzles. The measurement sections have been extensively tested and qualified for precise tracking of thermal transients such as thermal shock and thermal stratification. The measurement and recording of local thermal loads provides the basis for increasingly realistic fatigue assessment, thus reducing conservatisms and enlarging safety margins. Costly component replacements can be avoided.

Your Benefits

  • Increasingly realistic computation of cumulative usage factors because of local measurements with qualified instrumentation and data acquisition methods
  • Cost savings through component lifetime extension (fewer replacements) and through increased component availability
  • Optimization of operating modes that are unfavorable regarding component fatigue
  • Supports the optimization of operating modes, in-service inspections and maintenance
  • Supports lifetime extension programs and break preclusion


45 systems sold; 12 non-OEM plants (OEM: original equipment manufacturer)

Western Europe

  • Finland (PWR)
  • France (PWR)
  • Belgium (PWR)
  • Netherlands (PWR)
  • Spain (BWR)
  • Switzerland (PWR)
  • Germany (PWR)

Eastern Europe and Russia

  • Ukraine (VVER)
  • Russia (VVER)
  • Bulgaria (VVER)
  • Slovkia (VVER)


  • China (PWR)

South America

  • Brasil (PWR)
  • Argentina (PHWR)

PWR: pressurized water reactor
VVER: water-water power reactor
PHWR: pressurized heavy water reactor

Interested in Load Monitoring System for NPP Components, Nozzles and Piping?

IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-3.23

Non-baseload operation in nuclear power plants: load following and frequency control modes of flexible operation

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