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The piping of nuclear power plants (NPPs) is an integral component for ensuring their safe and reliable operation. Due to their long service life, pipes must be inspected regularly and repaired in the case of defects or indications. 

Our Remote-Controlled In-Pipe Manipulators allow a qualified removal of indications from the inner surface with remaining compressive stresses. In most cases it is possible to insert an in-pipe manipulator into the pipe system via existing openings like valves or component hand and man holes. So cutting of the piping may be not necessary.


Your Benefits

  • Lifetime extension and quality improvement of pipes and pipe systems
  • Generation of remaining compressive stresses in the inner diameter (ID) weld area
  • Simplified approval and planning process compared to replacement
  • Less costs for resources during the application
  • Modular manipulator design for high flexibility (using openings as gate or check valves for access)
  • More than 30 years of experience in the repair of pipe systems

Interested in In-pipe Grinding Manipulators?

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