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The integrity of liners used in reactor cavities and transfer canals has to be maintained throughout the whole life time.

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC), mechanical or thermal stress, weld failures and mechanical impact are causes for leakages. Operational experience proves that SCC is the main reason for leakages; usually it occurs in the heat-affected zone near the weld.

Leakages causes radioactive contamination of concrete structures and groundwater resulting in high decommissioning and dismantling costs.

Our leakage mitigation technology seals leaks and prevents further leak propagation. During adhesive bonding application, the existing liners are not affected by additional heat input, which is essential in order to avoid new heat-affected zones.

The so-called “sandwich construction” is deployed for leakage repairs. The sandwich consists of an adhesive material and a stainless steel cover sheet. The adhesive material seals the leaks, does not affect the base material, is not affected by SCC, is highly radiation resistant and does not cause new SCC. The stainless steel cover sheet protects the adhesive material against mechanical damage.

Your Benefits

  • Permanent repair
  • More cost- and time-effective repair method than welding
  • Zero leakage of contaminated water
  • Nuclear qualified repair methodology
  • Refurbished areas are resistant to future corrosion
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of possible applications due to the use of a flexible and extendable manipulator system, if necessary
  • Limited access and high radiation areas can be repaired
  • Dry and underwater repair capability

Interested in Leak Mitigation of Reactor Cavity and Transfer Channel Liners?

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