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Within international competitions, contractors for nuclear plants need to exhibit a functioning quality management system besides proving the required product quality.


Services from One Source

  • Evaluation and qualification of quality management systems according to the appropriate nuclear standards such as NSQ-100, KTA 1401, IAEA 50-C-Q, IAEA GS-R-3, NQA-1 and NCA 3800
  • Issuance of a qualification confirmation that is valid for three years
  • Forwarding the audit qualification report to the corresponding department within Framatome in Germany and / or the German nuclear power plant (NPP) operators which is the most important step to be included and accepted onto the respective vendors list
  • Providing consultation with advice of the quality management system development according to nuclear standards
  • Support of your sub-supplier qualification with consideration of the trade- / branch-specific criteria


Your Benefits

  • Qualification to perform / complete orders within the nuclear branch
  • Acceptance onto the respective Framatome and / or the operators vendor list
  • International qualification acknowledgment

Interested in Audits and Qualification of Quality Management Systems?

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