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Passiv Cooling Technology

Passive cooling systems are able to remove heat from systems even in the case of loss of electrical power. The risk of system failure is reduced by eliminating all components in the cooling chain requiring external power sources or forces (active components). Passive cooling systems are able to extend the grace period of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in emergency cases. No operator actions are required by passive cooling systems – such systems utilize physical law of natural circulation.

Customized Systems for Various Requirements

Our Passive Cooling System is easy to integrate in several kinds of facilities. If required it is possible to enable a simple interface with the existing instrumentation and control (I&C) infrastructure. The system can be tailored to fulfill the customer-specific requirements regarding function and system integration.

Your Benefits

  • Inherently safe by eliminating all active components in the cooling chain
  • No human intervention during operation necessary
  • Low investment and low direct costs compared to active systems
  • No additional power or power back-up systems needed
  • Integration of such systems is possible into several kinds of facilities

Interested in Passive Cooling Technology?

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