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Passiv Cooling Technology

Cooling the spent fuel pool of a nuclear power plant is a continuous task during both the operational and post-operational phase. Active cooling systems are dependent on continuous and steady pump operation to keep fuel pools at a safe temperature. Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of active cooling systems necessitates a backup power supply. The backup systems as well as all active components not only require regular maintenance effort but have to operate consistently, even under accident conditions.

Our passive cooling system fulfils all cooling requirements without the need for a power supply to ensure the system works effectively.
The system relies on natural convection, and therefore, the cooling system’s efficiency increases with rising temperatures in the fuel pool. The simple yet sophisticated design enables fully passive operation without the need for operator actions, additional energy or backup power supply.

The low operating and maintenance costs of the passive cooling systems remain applicable even during the post-operational phase of a power plant.

Your Benefits

  • Increases plant safety, as no human intervention is necessary during operation
  • Low operating and maintenance costs compared to radioactive systems
  • No expensive back-up power systems needed
  • Modular and phased increase of cooling capacity possible



  • Extensive experience from previously realized projects and tests in different test-facilities
  • Switzerland, Goesgen: Passively cooled spent fuel pool storage – approved and successfully operating since 2008
  • Switzerland, Goesgen: Implementation of a second stage passive cooling system – approved and in operation since 2017

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