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Fouling of heat exchanger tubing leads to a decrease of heat transfer and a permanent reduction of heat exchanger efficiency. Conventional water lancing only accesses tubes on the periphery of the bundle, and so deposits accumulate on the inner tubes with each operation cycle. Furthermore, the loss of efficiency reduces generator output and energy sales. Growing deposit layers cause favorable conditions for corrosion, which can result in complete failure of the heat exchanger.

Our Customized Chemical Cleaning (C3) for Heat Exchangers is able to completely remove the deposits on all tubes. The chemicals used and the cleaning process applied are tailored to the specific deposit compositions and conditions. We provide a wide range of field-proven modular heat exchanger cleaning equipment and services, such as pumps, heaters, tanks and mobile chemical analysis.

Your benefits

  • Tailored chemistry for optimum results
  • Restores heat exchanger efficiency
  • Reduces risk of tube failures
  • Extension of heat exchanger lifetime

Interested in Customized Chemical Cleaning for Heat Exchangers?

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