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You require support regarding corrosion technology, either for planning corrosion protection, for selection of material, production, commissioning or during operation of parts and components? You would like to use the services of a well-equipped corrosion laboratory for the simulation of technical plant-relevant environmental conditions?

Our internationally acknowledged corrosion experts and competent specialists will diligently support you in issues of corrosion:

  • Assistance with material selection, taking into account your specific frame conditions and the material protection in corrosion tests at room temperatures of up to 650°C maximum
  • In addition to practice-oriented exposure tests, significant corrosion technological parameters (e.g. current density, potential curves, impedance measurements, electrochemical noise) are identified for you in the laboratory
  • Performance of online measurements of corrosion potential in the laboratory and in-situ during operation
  • Examination of mechanical and technical material behavior under actual operating conditions (e.g. high-temperature water)
  • Characterization of material conditions and proof of corrosion resistance during production based on short-term tests (e.g. Strauss test as per ASTM G28 (DIN EN ISO 3651) for proving the intergranular corrosion resistance, comparable tests for primary water stress corrosioncracks behavior, EPR reactor tests, slow strain rate testing)
  • Simulation of damage cases in the laboratory, detection of factors and elaboration of problem specific corrective measures for practical use
  • Creating material concepts focused on the requirements as well as the addition of experimental research, if required.

Your Benefits

  • Focused corrosion engineering in every phase of the project
  • Well-equipped corrosion laboratories for the simulation of technically relevant environmental conditions
  • Innovative test and measuring concepts for application relevant corrosion testing
  • Performance of customized component tests
  • Material-related competence from one source based on numerous interdisciplinary interfaces

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