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PKL Test Facility
The PKL experimental facility is a scaled-down replication of a 1,300 MW pressurized water reactor (PWR). The scaling concept of the PKL test facility aims to simulate the thermal-hydraulic system behavior of the full-scale power plant under accident condition.

Training Concept

  • Training course at nuclear power plant (NPP) site
  • Demonstration and analyses of PWR thermal-hydraulics on basis of PKL experimental results
  • Illustration and analysis of thermal-hydraulic physical phenomena relevant for PWR operation under accidental conditions, and consequences for operator actions

Your Benefits

  • Unique database on PWR thermal-hydraulics during operational transients or accidents
  • State-of-the-art visualization tools
  • Accepted by ILAC
  • Open to external customers

Interested in Training Course on PWR Thermal-hydraulic System Behaviour?

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