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The primary coolant loop test facility (PKL) in Erlangen, which is unique worldwide, enables tests to be conducted on the thermo-hydraulic behavior of pressurized water reactor (PWR) plants under accident conditions. The studies and research projects provide important information for plant safety.

Training Course: Combination of Lessons and Tests

  • Details on PWR thermal hydraulics associated with chosen test scenario
  • Discussion of test parameters, operator actions and switching operations in PWRs
  • Skilled trainers with large experience in conduction and interpretation of integral tests within international programs (OECD), wide experience in training of nuclear power plant (NPP) personnel (live training as well as classroom training courses at NPP sites).

Your Benefits

  • Worldwide unique 4-loop test facility for experiments on PWR integral system behaviour
  • Demonstration of PWR thermal-hydraulics at a level unmatched by conventional simulators
  • State-of-the-art process visualization tools
  • Comparison with accident management procedures

Interested in Live Training Course at the PKL Test Facility?

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