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The challange: Qualification of debris retention systems designed to protect safety injection system (SIS) pumps and core components from clogging in the case of a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA).

Our Debris Retention System Test Facility (DEREST) is designed to investigate processes following a LOCA in the region of the reactor sump as well as downstream the sump strainers. The following parameters are considered:

  • Debris transport and sedimentation behavior in the reactor sump region
  • Pressure loss caused by debris agglomeration on the sump strainer
  • Influence of strainer geometry and size of the strainer openings on the pressure loss
  • Back-flushing ability of sump strainers
  • Pressure loss caused by debris bypassing the sump strainer (downstream effect e.g. on fuel assemblies)
  • Influence of erosion and corrosion processes on the pressure loss behavior.

Your Benefits

  • Test facility with maximum flexibility to cope all designs
  • Integration and access to the Thermal-Hydraulic Platform
  • Accredited test and inspection body
  • Open to external customers

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