Instrumentation and control upgrades and modernization

You are looking for increased flexible operation and extension of life cycle that your instrumentation and control system can not reach yet.

Framatome modernizes instrumentation and control systems to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing systems. We perform safety analyses and qualification, support licensing and interaction with regulatory bodies, offer operator training, and update documentation. Our solutions are applicable to all reactor designs (PWR, BWR, VVER, CANDU and more).

Benefit from Framatome’s unique platform portfolio including TELEPERM XS, TRICON and SPEC200, which has been implemented in more than 300 comprehensive I&C projects , both new build and installed.

  • Nuclear instrumentation (incore/excore) and measurement systems

    We know nuclear technology inside out. That’s why we qualify our instrumentation solutions to operate under the harshest conditions. And of course, they are also designed and configured for compliance with the most stringent standards.

    Own manufacturing sites ensure a high quality standard and proximity to our customers. Our movable and fixed in-core detector systems are individually designed solutions to support safe reactor operations. Our complete solutions are used in more than 100 reactors worldwide.

  • I&C solutions: from design to installation, digitalization and simulators

    Instrumentation and Control (I&C) is fundamental for plant safe operation. Having a turnkey Nuclear Steam Supply System I&C solution is a valuable asset for a new plant customer.

    Framatome proposes global I&C solutions from basic design to commissioning and qualification, using the latest digital technologies. For their use in safety-related instrumentation and control and electrical systems, suitable components and equipment have to be selected.

    Qualification in accordance with nuclear rules and standards provides the evidence that components including their interfaces are appropriate designed and able to operate under every normal, abnormal or accidental conditions. Our competence lies in the preparation of integrated qualification concepts and their realization: starting from the detailed analysis of the formal and technical requirements, scheduling of the qualification activities, execution of the complete qualification testing up to the final suitability analysis.

    We work closely together with our customers to identify the qualification needs to finally succeed in the licensing process. For all our products and solutions we offer comprehensive trainings to guarantee smooth operations.

  • I&C systems from modernization to support

    There are limits to economically extending the life-cycle of an aging instrumentation and control (I&C) system.

    For example, discontinuation of spare parts and no access to intellectual property of obsolete electronic printed circuit boards create both effort and risks. Incorporating the latest safety requirements can also be quite challenging and costly with an aging system.

    Framatome modernizes instrumentation and control systems to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing systems. Proven, state-of-the-art technology saves costs and extends the life-cycle of your plant. And thanks to our proven reliability during project execution, you are off the grid not a minute longer than is absolutely necessary.

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