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Steam Generator Remediation Sludge/Deposit Lancing<br>

Ensures longer life and increased performance

Integrated and Tailored Services

At Framatome, Every Innovation Has a Mission. We continue enhancing our proven technology to provide you ever greater safety, quality, performance and delivery. Our teams get the job done right because we are the leading supplier of steam generator (SG) inspection and maintenance services in the U.S. Our large, permanent staff of maintenance technicians and leaders has successfully completed steam generator work in all primary and secondary sides of both Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) and Recirculating Steam Generator (RSG) plants.

Incorporating experience from lancing nearly 300 steam generators, you can count on our responsive personnel to successfully perform sludge lancing services that deliver results — all to help you get back on the grid during peak demand opportunities. Plus, we tailor our services to your specific needs and can integrate lancing with other tasks through cross-training to provide greater value.

Process Gets Results

The first to implement high-pressure (3,000 psi) and high flow rate (85-90 gpm) for sludge removal, Framatome's patented static lancing system is delivered down the no-tube lane with a 90 degree sweeping action. This high-pressure system for square or triangular pitch steam generators enables fixed water jets to maintain tight water columns that penetrate completely through the SG tube bundle. This process transfers all of the energy to locations containing the most sludge and effectively removes hard collars. We has removed nearly ten tons of hard collar material in the history of using this lancing process.  Additionally, visual inspections can be performed without dismounting the lancing equipment.

We continually invest to advance our technology and fine-tune our sludge lancing process parameters. Our most current technology includes high-pressure / high-flow patented nozzles, an improved suction foot, enhanced camera view, lockable FME and dose reduction covers and a new center lance.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven, low-cost, mechanical process for hard collar removal without chemical cleaning
  • Cleans shadow regions between tubes (sometimes unreachable using static lancing)
  • Immediate visual inspection of progress via integrated camera attachment 
  • Experience and resources minimize schedule, personnel, dose and cost

Continuing to Invest & Improve the Process

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