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Nozzle Dam Maintenance

Framatome teams bring flexibility, experience and best practices for Closure & Nozzle Dam Maintenance

Closure Maintenance

Our crews perform removal / installation, equipment refurbishment, procedures and other related tasks. Equipment and procedures are available for contingency tasks.

  • Flange or seating surface machining
  • Stuck stud removal
  • Helicoil or threaded insert installation
  • Install / remove / fabricate FME covers

Framatome's approach includes inspection of closure surfaces, gaskets, seating surfaces, studs / nuts or bolts, and mating surfaces. Engineering evaluation / calculation can be provided through home office support.

Nozzle Dam Maintenance

Framatome has key experts that have installed and removed > 600 nozzle dams of various designs.

  • Provide qualified personnel to refurbish, install, monitor and remove nozzle dams
  • Install / remove drain plugs
  • Install / remove FME covers as required
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