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AIDA Auto Analysis Software

Your key to fast, accurate analysis at a reduced price

Framatome's Auto Analysis Software (AIDA3)

Framatome's advancing ECT inspection, analysis and remediation technology keeps you ahead of the game with the latest software at a price you can stand behind. our Auto Analysis Software (AIDA3) uses independent algorithms to perform parallel analyses with all probe types. The result? Extremely accurate analysis — faster and with fewer analysts.

  • No investment required since AIDA is already EPRI AAPDD qualified for bobbin, array and MRPC
  • Three EPRI AAPDD qualified detection algorithms (AIDA3, MIRA3, WTT) to enable independent automated analysis for any probe type meeting the full requirements of Rev. 8
  • Proven with more than 100 deployments in the U.S. alone
  • Capable of any manual or automated analysis scenario, providing flexibility
  • Multitude of parallel analyses providing timely information to make informed decisions
    — Flaw / non-flaw
    — Deposit
    — Structure mapping
    — Noise
    — Historical data comparison
  • Independent tube verification using ET signatures to ensure the quality of the examination
  • Faster analysis with far fewer analysts — automated incremental sizing (line-by-line)
  • Extremely accurate and lowest false call rate to expedite the analysis process
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