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Secondary Side Inspection

Integrated and Tailored Secondary Side Inspection / Foreign Object Search and retrieval (SSI / FOSAR Services)

At Framatome, Every Innovation Has a Mission. We continue enhancing our proven technology to provide you ever greater safety, quality, performance and delivery. Our teams get the job done right because we are the leading supplier of steam generator (SG) inspection and maintenance services in the U.S. Our large, permanent staff of maintenance technicians and leaders has successfully completed steam generator work in all primary and secondary sides of both Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) and Recirculating Steam Generator (RSG) plants.

Incorporating experience from secondary side inspection and FOSAR in nearly 300 steam generators and thousands of loose parts retrieved, you can count on our responsive personnel to successfully perform SSI / FOSAR that deliver results — all to help you better understand your steam generators and get back on the grid during peak demand opportunities. Plus, we tailor our services to your specific needs and can integrate SSI with other tasks through cross-training to provide greater value.

Foreign Object Retrieval  VIPOR Crawler

Secondary Side Inspection Control Station  

New Innovations

The next generation secondary side inspection crawler (VIPOR) is ready for deployment and uses a tracking system to know where it is around the tube bundle of a steam generator. Comes with multiple cameras and has a full modular pan and tilt system for crisp images. The pan and tilt system is easily detachable to allow a deflector head for inner bundle strip delivery.

We continually invest to advance our technology and look for better ways to reduce time and exposure.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven systems delivered to the field
  • The SSI trailer provides options for the plant (plug and play)
  • Supports lancing as well as eddy current testing through seamless communication between primary and secondary sides through our Foreign Object Tracking System — communication goes both ways (primary to secondary or vice-versa)
  • Experience and resources minimize schedule, personnel, dose and cost

Features & Benefits

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