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Introducing our improved steam generator inspection and repair robot, FORERUNNER. This light mobile robot is designed to perform different tasks in steam generators with ease of positioning and movement while working with a variety of tools. With the ability for spider-like movements in all working positions on horizontal or vertical tubesheets, FORERUNNER easily adapts to different steam generator geometries.

FORERUNNER features:

  • A single manipulator with one operator and one cable
  • Position verification with independent on-board systems
  • Auxiliary axis reaches more than 200 tubes without moving
  • Multiple robotic tools on a single manipulator
  • Maintains contact with tubesheet even during air or power loss
  • Gripper unlock fail-safe
  • Pneumatically actuated grippers ensure no damage to the tube or tubesheet
  • Adapable to any tubesheet geometry
  • Precision tube alignment
  • Instant inspection guidetube sealing
  • No human interface required for tubesheet inspection

FORERUNNER benefits:

  • Considerable equipment reduction, a single controller and cable
  • 80% reduction in installation time
  • Dose reduction with improved installation time
  • No exclusion zone or access limitations
  • Optimized inspection path saves time
  • Eliminates machine vision delays
  • Compact design offers option for multiple manipulators to reduce schedule

FORERUNNER is a reliable low maintenance robot with safe, fast setup. With its fail-safe logic and the strongest grippers on the market it is developed to satisfy all regulatory requirements and give the best inspection results at the same time.

FORERUNNER is developed and manufactured by INETEC-Institute for Nuclear Technology.

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