Reliable partner with a long history of proven performance.

Framatome is a reliable and proven partner. We are focused on servicing and fueling today’s fleet and advancing nuclear energy. Regardless of our name, we are still the same company with the same experienced, knowledgeable and passionate people.

With the effort deployed and sustained during the past two years, Framatome is a financially sound and forward-looking company. Our commitment remains unchanged: to perform and deliver with excellence.

We are recognized for our comprehensive global portfolio of solutions for the nuclear fleet:

  • OEM of 92 operating reactors worldwide (includes 9 in NA)
  • Serve more than 250 reactors worldwide (99 in US and 19 in Canada)
  • Provide products & solutions for all types of nuclear reactors

Working with the NRC

Framatome recognizes the dynamic regulatory environment that nuclear utilities operate in today and provides solutions to the challenges this environment can create. We are uniquely qualified to support utilities’ licensing and compliance challenges, and in fact we have licensed several of our own nuclear facilities. In addition to installed base license renewals, Framatome leverages its experience running the licensing program for a significant reactivation project and for several design certifications. We have also provided licensing support for time-critical relief requests and power uprates while consistently delivering licensing and compliance solutions for our utility partners.

Our current License Renewal / Subsequent License Renewal (LR/SLR) team performed regulatory-approved design basis & current licensing basis validation and reconstitution projects for over one-third of the U.S. nuclear power plants. This solid foundation adds insight and expertise, which have proven invaluable to LR/SLR clients.

Framatome provides our utility customers:

  • Proven experience working with regulators
  • Industry working group experts
  • Industry best practices

Working with federal, state, and local government

The nuclear industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States, and ensuring that legislators are equipped with relevant information about Framatome and its operations is important to maintaining an industry environment that is friendly to our company and the industry as a whole.

Framatome works closely with federal, state, and local governments to monitor, shape, and formulate policies and legislation that impact our company, our customers and the industry. We work with our employees, utility customers, and industry organizations to engage in both formal and grassroots advocacy to protect and advance nuclear energy.

Through a variety of programs, our employees can actively support our projects and maintain awareness of public policy issues affecting our company at the federal, state, and local levels. By engaging in activities like contacting and meeting with our elected representatives, attending public hearings, and more, we can educate decision makers about the benefits of our work. Through our collective and sustained action, we can have a real impact on public opinion and public policy.


We are a reliable partner with a long history of proven performance. We're bringing back the Framatome name – a recognized brand in our industry that inspires respect – embracing our heritage while moving forward as a stronger company. Framatome and its predecessor organizations have been serving the nuclear energy industry in the United States since the 1950s. In fact, over time, we have provided our services for every nuclear energy facility in the United States.

For the 2017 outage season, we supported outages at 44 nuclear energy facilities. Since 2010, five customers using our technology have been recognized with the “Best of the Best” Top Innovative Practice Award from the Nuclear Energy Institute.


We focus on servicing and fueling today’s fleet and advancing the future of nuclear energy.

Framatome’s activities in North America are divided into four business units.

  • Engineering and Design Authority: Focuses on engineering studies for nuclear steam supply systems for all reactor types and provides licensing support.
  • Installed Base: Provides services for nuclear plant operators, including reactor maintenance and modernizations, component repair and replacement, and refueling.
  • Instrumentation and Control: Designs and manufactures instrumentation and control systems for nuclear energy plants.
  • Fuel: Designs and fabricates fuel assemblies for existing and the next generation of nuclear reactors.

We focus on services for nuclear plant operators, including reactor maintenance and modernizations.

  • We deployed our record-setting steam generator inspection system, Trident, which inspected more than 17,000 steam generator tubes in less than 77 hours at a U.S. nuclear energy facility.
  • We completed a cavitation peening campaign, which began in spring 2016, on four nuclear reactor units.
  • We signed a contract to upgrade instrumentation and control systems at Calvert Cliffs Units 1 and 2.

We design and fabricate fuel assemblies for existing and the next generation of reactors.

  • With our latest fuel designs, such as ATRIUM 11 and GAIA, we offer our customers security and diversity of fuel supply.
  • In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy, we are developing our enhanced accident tolerant fuel design, representing the next evolution of nuclear fuel.
  • Framatome will launch a joint venture with Lightbridge to advance metallic fuel technology.


Regardless of our name, we are still the same experienced, knowledgeable and passionate people. Like many corporations, we have experienced changes over the years. While our name changed, we remain committed to serving the needs of our customers and the advancement of the nuclear energy industry.

We are still the same company. At Framatome, our people and their expertise drive the company. That expertise and operational excellence are at the heart of our strategy. Members of our team have been with the company for many years and will continue to service our customers’ operations and meet their fuel needs.

Framatome in North America will focus on services for nuclear plant operators, including reactor maintenance and modernizations, and the design and fabrication of fuel assemblies for existing and the next generation of reactors.

Leveraging the strength of our new owners

The new brand leverages the strength of our new owners on top of a proven portfolio of solutions for servicing and fueling today’s fleet. We are backed by a financially strong owner:

  • World’s largest electricity generator
  • 70B euros in sales
  • 78% nuclear
  • 73 reactors
  • First nuclear fleet worldwide