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Framatome Canada, with offices in Pickering and Kincardine, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, is a major player as a services and engineering provider for the Canadian and global CANDU market. For life extension success and delivering clean energy, you need a broad, proven portfolio of solutions and CANDU refurbishment experience. With access to global experts and innovative technology, Framatome has been an invested partner for the regional economy and Canada’s power grid for more than 50 years. We’re committed to serving as the “CANDU Centre of Excellence” and single point of contact for the global CANDU market. We’re invested locally as a collaborative partner that delivers on record-breaking efficient performance and is dedicated to the country’s clean energy commitment.

In addition to our nuclear, high voltage electrical and engineering services, we’ve also pursued both outage and steam generator services efficiencies and Instrumentation & Control solutions. Framatome delivers unlimited, state-of-the-art solutions and is eager to support the global CANDU fleet with sustainable nuclear technology. You can count on us to help you safely and efficiently create power for communities in Canada and beyond.

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Key figures

  • Three sites: Kincardine, ON; Pickering, ON and Montreal, QC

Framatome Canada is headquartered in Pickering, Ontario and is made up of the following Business Units (BUs).

  • The Installed Base (IB) BU: provides maintenance, products and engineering services for existing nuclear fleets and fleets under construction from several sites including Pickering and Kincardine, Ontario.
  • The Instrumentation & Control (I&C) BU: designs and manufactures safety I&C systems for the nuclear steam supply system throughout North America, including Montreal, Quebec.

Success built on four key pillars

Operational Excellence is the culture and behaviors necessary to succeed as a company and secure our future. It’s the cornerstone for how Framatome does business and the commitment we make to our customers and ourselves each and every day – built upon four key pillars:

  1. Safety: first and foremost, the critical success factor for our people, products and services
  2. Quality: right the first time, every time
  3. Performance: driven by our people and innovation
  4. Delivery: reliable, predictable and consistent

Support centers ensure excellence and safety

Framatome has several operational centers of excellence including:

  • A Nuclear Parts Center (NPC) that provides critical support 24/7, 365 days a year, and offers extensive spare parts inventory, customer stocking programs, supply chain management and technical support
  • A Technical Training Center that provides PWR, BWR and reactor vessel mock-ups as well as full-depth, wet environment fuel-handling training
  • A Pump and Motor Service Center offering pump and motor refurbishment as well as contaminated, safety-related, ASME code machining, welding and maintenance
  • An in-core fabrication center building simple, reliable monitoring systems that provide 24-hour monitoring and on-line assessment of actual core safety limits with a real-time display
  • The Richland fuel manufacturing facility is a modern fuel manufacturing plant that services the North American and Asian markets
  • A Chemistry & Materials Center offering specialized chemistry, corrosion and metallurgic testing and analysis on solids, liquids and gases for U.S. nuclear power plants

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