A strong presence in Canada

Framatome Canada, headquartered in Pickering with a regional office in Kincardine, is a major player as a services and engineering provider for the Canadian and global CANDU market.

As an actively engaged supplier member of the CANDU Owners Group (COG), Framatome Canada is committed to being the leading nuclear service provider that exceeds our clients’ needs and expectations.

We are proud to be deeply rooted in Canada for more than 50 years and are committed to serving as Framatome's “CANDU Centre of Excellence” and single point of contact for the global CANDU market.

Our goal is to bring value to the CANDU Nuclear Industry through Technology, Innovation and Collaboration.

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Framatome Canada's Pickering, Ontario, office

About Framatome Canada

In recent years, we have effectively performed large scale programs such as Boiler Chemical Clean and successful Steam Generator Maintenance and Waterlance outages. Framatome Canada has also developed and successfully executed High Voltage Maintenance Programs which resulted in a record breaking, critical path Main Output Transformer (MOT) change-out (17 days, 18 hours). More recently, Framatome Canada successfully completed the detailed design for a major refurbishment of a station’s Class II and Switchyard equipment. This project was completed on time, under budget and meeting all client expectations.

These projects illustrate our commitment and ability to successfully manage and deliver a variety of projects. This was accomplished while meeting or surpassing technical requirements and client cost, schedule and safety expectations.

Our Canadian operations are structured to reflect our experience in the global CANDU energy market. We have aligned our organization with the three principle product lines: Engineering & Systems; Nuclear Services & Hardware; and, Conventional Services & Hardware (see tabs below for details on our products and services). This structure allows us to have staff with high levels of expertise and experience in a given subject as Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) for our clients.

The structure also aligns with how Framatome is globally organized which permits our SPOCs and international staff to directly collaborate on a given technology. This ensures that the best innovative approach and CANDU specific solutions are brought forward to meet client needs and expectations.

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