The Value of Safety, Experience and Extensive Resources

Framatome Canada’s Nuclear Services division has the ability and experience to directly support our clients in several key work programs.

We are one of the few vendors who have been supplying a wide spectrum of EPC services, assessing/maintaining critical parts, and providing Severe Accident Management mitigating equipment to both the Canadian and international CANDU markets.

Our capabilities include inspection, maintenance, component repair and replacement, and upgrades for CANDU plants worldwide.

We offer the world’s most complete range of service expertise for CANDU, Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR), Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), and VVER-type reactors.

In addition to our experts in Canada, Framatome Canada has access to, and can call on, an additional 3,700 specialists from France, the United States, or Germany.

Nuclear Services Offered

  • Steam Generator Services
    • Primary Side Steam Generator Cleaning
    • Secondary Side Steam Generator Cleaning
    • Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Valve Repair and Refurbishment
  • Pump and Motor Services
    • Performance Analysis
    • Primary/Auxiliary Pump Refurbishment
    • Pump and Motor Field Services
  • Chemistry
    • Film Forming Amines
    • System Decontamination
    • Water Chemistry
    • Chemical Cleaning
  • I&C
    • SIPLUG
    • THORC
  • Component Inspection & Repair
    • In-Pipe Manipulators
    • Inspection with Submarine (SUSI)
    • FLÜS
  • Nuclear Parts Centre
    • Reactor Coolant Pump, Motor and Seal Hardware
    • Hardware Modernization
    • JIT Shipments