February 05, 2018

Framatome shines the spotlight on its experts

Expertise is a fundamental value for Framatome. "Recognized, sustainable expertise" is quite simply the first priority area set out in our strategy.

On February 1st, Bernard Fontana, Framatome's CEO, was there to celebrate the company's experts during a ceremony in their honor.

Every two years, Framatome highlights the importance of its specialists by conducting an Experts Campaign, a program which aims to guarantee us leading expertise in fields of knowledge essential to our activities, including fluid mechanics, thermal hydraulics, calculation methods, and many more.

During the 2017 campaign that drew to a close in December, 600 Experts were appointed or retained, including 130 Senior Experts and 18 Expert Fellows.

Gilles Perrin, Scientific Director, was keen to underline: "The strengthening of our skills and our expertise is essential for the development of our industry. Our experts program will be one of the factors instrumental in enabling us to achieve the excellence we strive for."