January 23, 2017

Modernization of the Refueling Machine at Isar 2 Nuclear Power Plant

AREVA NP has carried out the upgrade of the refueling machine at Isar 2* and optimized the control system as part of the outage 2016. This measure allows for a faster transport of fuel assemblies during the outage. The system even exceeds the specifications of the current regulations of the German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA).

“This project is another milestone in the partnership with PreussenElektra that started already with the construction of the plant. During the last years we have modernized the safety I&C systems stepwise”, said Oswald Bieber, the responsible department manager for this project at AREVA NP.

“The new refueling machine control system will noticeably improve our processes during future outages and make them safer. I would like to thank the AREVA team for its great job and the successful project completion on time and on budget”, said the Deputy Head of I&C at Isar 2.

The refueling machine of a nuclear power plant is a mobile lifting device which is of special importance during the yearly outage. Loading, unloading and shuffling of fuel assemblies takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Therefore, refueling directly influences the outage time.

AREVA NP has already upgraded several refueling machines in Germany and abroad and services them during their operation, for example, apart from Isar 2, also for the nuclear power plants Trillo (Spain) and Emsland (Germany).

*Isar 2 nuclear power plant is a pressurized water reactor with an installed net capacity of 1,410 megawatt, operated by PreussenElektra GmbH. The plant is located in Markt Essenbach, Bavaria, and has been generating power since 1988.