Publications in 2015

Michael Fischer, Luis Sempere Belda, Ashim Basu, Christian Topf, Thomas Erbacher, Thomas Hiermer, Bernhard Schnurr, Thomas van Appeldorn and Christian Volkmann
Dekontamination des RDB inkl. der Einbauten wie Dampftrockner und Wasserabscheider sowie der angeschlossenen Hilfssysteme im deutschen Siedewasserreaktor Isar 1
atw 2015, Issue 12 (December)

Stefan Nießen
Nuclear fission energy: new build, operation, fuel cycle and decommissioning in the international perspective
German Physical Society (DPG), Working Group on Energy – Conference Proceedings 2015

Gerrit Gloth
Bewährte Systeme aus der Kerntechnik überwachen konventionelle Anlagen
VDMA Verlag, Special Condition Monitoring, Issue 3 (September 2015)

Holger Hoppe and Christoph Schambach
A strong partnership: AREVA and secunet
secuview 2015, Issue 1

Elenko Tsvetkov and Jan Heinsius
ENIQ-qualified visual examinations by means of a remote controlled submarine
atw 2015, Issue 7 (July)

Korrosionsschutz für Kraftwerke
mo Magazin für Oberflächentechnik, Volume 69, Issue 6 (June 2015)

Stefan Nießen
Creating symbiosis in research and education: preserve nuclear competencies for Germany and provide highest safety standards to international markets
atw 2015, Issue 6 (June)

AREVA: Elektrolyseur bereits im Praxistest in Bayern installiert
BWK Volume 67 (2015) Issue 4

Paul Wilhelm, Paul Steinmann and Jürgen Rudolph
Fatigue approach for adressing environmental effect in fatigue usage calculation
atw 2015, Issue 4 (April)

Stefan Nießen
Future pathways for today’s technologies: limits and opportunities
VGB Power Tech 2015, Issue 3 (March)

C.J. Díez, O. Buss, A. Hoefer, D. Porsch, O. Cabellos
Comparison of nuclear data uncertainty propagation methodologies for PWR burn-up simulations
Annals of Nuclear Energy (77) 2015, Pages 101–114

A. Hoefer, O. Buss, M. Hennebach, M. Schmid, D. Porsch
MOCABA: a general Monte Carlo-Bayes procedure for improved predictions of integral functions of nuclear data
Annals of Nuclear Energy (77) 2015, Pages 514–521

D. Ostermann, C. Krumb, R. Krieg
Critical strains and necking phenomena for steel sheets under biaxial loading during accidents in nuclear power plants
Nuclear Science and Engineering, Volume 179, Number 2, February 2015, Pages 211–231

Karl Wasinger
Change-Management – Vom Leistungsbetrieb über den Nachbetrieb zum Rückbau
atw 2015, Issue 2 (February)

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