Publications in 2018

Christian Topf, Sigrid Schütz and Christian Volkmann
Double decontamination
Nuclear Engineering International, December 2017

Andreas Kuhn, Konrad Schirrmeister
Advanced load following control
Nuclear Engineering International, November 2017

Sébastian Champigny, Deeksha Gupta, Venesa Watson, Karl Waedt
Cyber security in nuclear power plants and its portability to other industrial infrastructures
VGB PowerTech, Issue 5 (May) 2017

Tatiana Salnikova
Flexible operation of nuclear power plants – first steps for paradigm change worldwide?
VGB PowerTech, Issue 5 (May) 2017

AREVA targets Energiewende storage markets
Power in Europe, Issue 747, April 10, 2017

Kay Münchow
Dealing with damaged fuel
Nuclear Engineering International, March 21, 2017

AREVA bietet umfangreiches Portfolio für Kerntechnik und Industrie
Edelstahl Aktuell – February 2017

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